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Arthur Morris Jones

Arthur Morris Jones (1889 – 1980), was a missionary and musicologist who worked in Zambia during the early 20th Century. He was stationed at St Mark's School in Mapanza in the Southern Province of present-day Zambia (called Rhodesia at the time). He is best known for his ethnomusicological work. He made an important contribution to the literature with his work in African rhythmic structure. He is also remembered for his controversial theories on scales and the music of the marimba, which he claimed migrated from Southeast Asia to Africa.


  • Jones, A.M., African Music. Rhodes-Livingstone Museum Occasional Papers; No. 2. Livingstone, Northern Rhodesia: Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, 1943.
  • Jones, A.M.. African Rhythm. London: International African Institute, 1954.
  • Jones, A.M.. Studies in African Music. 2 vols. London: New York, 1978. ISBN 0-19-713512-9
  • Jones, A.M., and L. Kombe. The Icila Dance, Old Style. A Study in African Music and Dance of the Lala Tribe of Northern Rhodesia. Roodepoort, South Africa: Published by Longmans, Green and Co. for African Music Society, 1952.[[Category:Musicologists]

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