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The Bridge of Sighs at Oxford
The Bridge of Sighs at Oxford

Sir Thomas Graham Jackson RA (1835–1924) was one of the most distinguished English architects of his generation. He is best remembered for his work at Oxford for various colleges as well as the university, notably: the Examination Schools, most of Hertford College (including the Bridge of Sighs over New College Lane}, much of Brasenose College, and a range at Trinity College. Much of his career was devoted to the architecture of education and he worked extensively for various schools, notably Giggleswick and his own alma mater Brighton College. He also worked on many parish churches and the college chapel at the University of Wales, Lampeter.

He was educated at Brighton College and then Wadham College, Oxford, before being articled as a pupil to Sir George Gilbert Scott.

Jackson was a prolific author of carefully researched works in architectural history, often illustrated with sketches made during his extensive travels.

A stone memorial tablet to Sir Thomas was erected in the chapel of Brighton College, part of which he had built as a First World War memorial in 1922–23. For that school's chapel he had also designed many memorials during the 1880s and 1890s. The other concentrated group of mural tablets by Jackson is to be found in the antechapel of Wadham College, Oxford.

[edit Reference

  • Martin D W Jones, 'Gothic Enriched: Thomas Jackson's Mural Tablets in Brighton College Chapel', Church Monuments VI (1991), pp

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