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T.D. Kendrick

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Sir Thomas Downing Kendrick (April 1, 1895 – November 2, 1979), Archaeologist and Director of the British Museum, from 1950, until he retired in 1959 [1].

Books by T.D. Kendrick

  • The axe age: a study in British prehistory (1925)
  • The Druids. A study in Keltic prehistory (1927)
  • A History of the Vikings (1930)
  • Anglo-Saxon Art to A.D. 900 (1938)
  • The Archaeology of the Channel Islands (2 Vols – 1928-38)
  • Archaeology in England and Wales, 1914-1931 (1932)
  • The Presidents of the Society of Antiquaries of London. With biographical notes. (1945)
  • Late Saxon and Viking art (1949)
  • British Antiquity (1950)
  • The Lisbon Earthquake (1956)
  • St. James in Spain )1960)
  • Great Love for Icarus (1962) - a semi-autobiographical novel.
  • Mary of Agreda. The life and legend of a Spanish nun (1967)


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Late Saxon And Viking Art

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