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Hudson Strode

Hudson Strode (October 31, 1892 - September 22, 1976) was an author and professor of creative writing at the University of Alabama. He taught at the University of Alabama from 1916 until his retirement in 1963. His creative writing classes gained international fame for the literary successes achieved by his students. Strode’s students published over 55 novels and 101 short stories. One of Strode's students was the author Borden Deal. [1]

He wrote several books on Scandinavian and Caribbean countries before turning to biography. His best known literary accomplishment is his three-volume biography of Jefferson Davis. In 1961 Gustav VI Adolf of Sweden bestowed on Dr. Strode the Order of the North Star in recognition of his contributions toward strengthening the cultural relations between the United States and Sweden. [2]

Early Life

Strode was born in Cairo, Illinois, but moved to Demopolis, Alabama at the age of twelve. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Alabama in 1913, and a Master of Arts degree from Columbia University in 1914.[3] Later he received a PhD from Harvard University and became a full professor at the University of Alabama Department of English in 1924.[4]

Published Works

(1932) Story of Bermuda

(1934) The Pageant of Cuba

(1937) South by Thunderbird

(1939) Immortal Lyrics

(1941) Finland Forever

(1944) Timeless Mexico, a History

(1944) Spring Harvest: A Collection of Stories from Alabama

(1947) Now in Mexico, a Book of Travel

(1949) Sweden: Model for a World

(1951) Denmark is a Lovely Land

(1955) Jefferson Davis, Volume I : American Patriot

(1959) Jefferson Davis, Volume II: Confederate President

(1964) Jefferson Davis, Volume III: Tragic Hero

(1967) Jefferson Davis: Private Letters 1823-1889, Editor

(1973) Ultimates in the Far East: Travels in the Orient and India

(1975) The Eleventh House: Memoirs


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