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Harold Albert Lamb (1892 - 1962) was an American historian and novelist. Born in New York, he attended Columbia University, where his interest in the peoples and history of Asia began. Lamb built a career with his writing from an early age. He got his start in the pulps, quickly moving to the prestigious Adventure, his primary fiction outlet for nineteen years. In 1927 he wrote a biography of Genghis Khan, and following on its success turned more and more to the writing of non-fiction, penning numerous biographies and history books until his death in 1962. Lamb spoke French, Latin, Persian, and Arabic, and may have spoken Chinese.




  • Marching Sands (1920)
  • The House of the Falcon (1921)
  • The Grand Cham (1922)
  • White Falcon (1926)
  • Durandal (1931)
  • Nur Mahal (1932)
  • Kirdy (1933)
  • Omar Khayyam (1934)
  • A Garden to the Eastward (1947)
  • The Curved Saber (1964)
  • The Mighty Manslayer (1969)
  • The Three Palladins (1977)
  • Durandal (1981)
  • The Sea of the Ravens (1983)
  • Wolf of the Steppes (2006)
  • Warriors of the Steppes (2006)
  • Reavers of the Steppes (Forthcoming)
  • Riders of the Steppes (Forthcoming)

Non-fiction and Historical Biography portrayals

  • Genghis Khan: The Emperor of All Men (1927)
  • Tamerlane (1928)
  • The Flame of Islam (1930)
  • Iron men and Saints (1930)
  • The Crusades (1931)
  • The March of the Barbarians (1940)
  • Alexander of Macedon: The Journey to World's End (1946)
  • The march of Muscovy: Ivan the Terrible and the Growth of the Russian Empire, 1400-1648 (1948)
  • The city and the Tsar: Peter the Great and the Move to the West, 1648-1762 (1948)
  • The Earth Shakers (1949)
  • Suleiman the Magnificent (1951)
  • Theodora and the Emperor: The Drama of Justinian (1952)
  • Charlemagne: The Legend and the Man (1954)
  • Genghis Khan and the Mongol Horde (1954)
  • New Found World: How North America Was Discovered and Explored (1955)
  • Hannibal: One Man Against Rome (1958)
  • Constantinople: Birth of an empire (1958)
  • Cyrus the Great (1960)
  • Babur the Tiger: First of the Great Moguls (1962)

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Crusades The Flame Of Islam

Genghis Khan The Emperor Of All Men

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