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Gerald William Bullett (1893 – 1958) was a British man of letters. He was known as a novelist, essayist, short story writer, critic and poet. He wrote both supernatural fiction and some children's literature.

He was born in London, and educated at Jesus College, Cambridge. During World War II he worked for the BBC in London, and after it was a radio broadcaster.


  • The Progress Of Kay, A Series of Glimpses (1916)
  • The Street of the Eye and Nine Other Tales (1923)
  • Mr Godly Beside Himself (1924)
  • Walt Whitman - a Study and a Selection (1924)
  • The Baker's Cart: And Other Tales (1925)
  • Modern English Fiction (1926)
  • Seed of Israel. Tales from the English Bible (1927).
  • The Spanish Caravel (1927) later The Happy Mariners 1956
  • Dreaming (1928) essay
  • The World in Bud: And Other Tales (1928)
  • Nicky Son of Egg (1929)
  • The History of Egg Pandervil (1929)
  • Short Stories of To-day and Yesterday (1929)
  • Germany (1930)
  • Remember Mrs Munch (1931)
  • Marden Fee (1931)
  • Helen's Lovers: And Other Tales (1932)
  • The Testament of Light (1932) anthology, editor
  • I'll Tell You Everything (1932) with J. B. Priestley
  • The Quick And The Dead (1933)
  • The Pattern of Courtesy : An Anthology, Continuing the Testament of Light (1934)
  • Eden River (1934)
  • The Bubble (1934)
  • The Jury (1935)
  • The Snare of the Fowler: A Tragedy of Time & Chance 1936 as Sebastion Fox
  • Poems in Pencil (1937)
  • The Innocence of G. K. Chesterton (1937)
  • A Book of Good Faith – Montaigne: A Miscellany of Passages (1938) editor
  • The Bending Sickle (1938) novel
  • Twenty Four Tales (1938)
  • The Phœnix and Turtle (1938) editor
  • The Jackdaw's Nest, A Fivefold Anthology (1939) editor
  • When the Cat's Away (1940)
  • A Man of Forty (1940)
  • The English Galaxy of Shorter Poems (1942) editor
  • Winter Solstice (1943)
  • The Elderbrook Brothers (1945)
  • Readings in English Literature: From Chaucer to Matthew Arnold (1945)
  • Judgment in Suspense (1946) novel
  • The Golden Year Of Fan Cheng-Ta: A Chinese Rural Sequence rendered into English verse (1946) translator
  • George Eliot (1947)
  • Men at High Table and The House of Strangers (1948)
  • Silver Poets of the 16th Century (1949) editor
  • Poems (1949)
  • Cricket in Heaven (1949)
  • The English Mystics (1950)
  • Sydney Smith, a Biography and a Selection (1951)
  • The Trouble at Number Seven (1952)
  • News From The Village (1952) poems
  • The Alderman’s Son (1954) novel
  • Windows On A Vanished Time (1955)
  • The Daughters of Mrs Peacock 1957
  • The Peacock Brides (1958)
  • Ten-Minute Tales and some Others (1959)
  • Collected Poems (1959) selection by E. M. W. Tillyard

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