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Frank Lawrence Lucas (1894 - 1967) was an English literary critic, essayist, poet, and Fellow of King's College, Cambridge. He is now best remembered for his scathing attacks on the poetry of T. S. Eliot, during the 1920s, and his book Style (1955), though students of Aristotle's Poetics will relish reading his Tragedy (1927, substantially revised in 1957).


  • Seneca and Elizabethan Tragedy (1922)
  • Euripides and his Influence (1923)
  • Authors Dead and Living (1926)
  • The River Flows (1926)
  • Complete Works of John Webster (1927) editor, four volumes
  • Time and Memory (1929)
  • Eight Victorian Poets (1930)
  • The Art of Dying (Hogarth Press, 1930) anthology, editor with Francis Birrell
  • Marionettes (1931)
  • Ariadne (1932)
  • The Wild Tulip (1932)
  • Thomas Lovell Beddoes - an Anthology (1932)
  • Dante Gabriel Rossetti - An anthology (1933)
  • George Crabbe: An Anthology (1933)
  • The Bear Dances: A Play in Three Acts (with Introduction: The Gospel According to Saint Marx) (1933)
  • Studies French and English (1934)
  • The Golden Cockerel Greek Anthology (Golden Cockerel Press 1937) translator
  • The Woman Clothed with the Sun and Other Stories (1938)
  • A Greek Garland; a Selection from the Palatine Anthology (1939)
  • Journal Under The Terror, 1938 (1939)
  • Messene Redeemed (1940)
  • Ten Victorian Poets (1940)
  • Tragedy in Relation to Aristotle's Poetics (Hogarth Press 1946)(first published 1927; substantially revised 30 years later; currently available in used paperback editions published by Collier Books in 1957-62-65. A splendid discussion of Aristotle's Poetics
  • Aphrodite, two verse translations (1948) The Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite and The Pervigilium Veneris
  • The Decline and Fall of the Romantic Ideal (1948)
  • Gilgamesh King of Erech (Golden Cockerel Press
  • The Odyssey (1948) editor and translator
  • Hero & Leander. Translated from the Greek of Musaeus (Golden Cockerel Press, 1949)
  • The Victorian Poets (1948)
  • From Olympus to the Styx (1949) with Prudence Lucas
  • The Iliad (1950) editor and translator
  • Literature and Psychology (1951)
  • Greek Poetry for Everyman (1951)
  • Greek Drama for Everyman (1954)
  • Style (1955)
  • The Search for Good Sense: Four 18th-Century Characters: Johnson, Chesterfield, Boswell, Goldsmith (1958)
  • The White Devil by John Webster (1959) editor
  • The Art of Living: Four Eighteenth-Century Minds: Hume, Horace Walpole, Burke, Benjamin Franklin (1959)
  • The Greatest Problem and Other Essays And Other Essays (1960)
  • The American Imagination: A Critical Survey of The Arts (1960)
  • Tennyson (1961)
  • The Drama of Ibsen and Strindberg (1962)
  • The Drama of Chekhov, Synge, Yeats and Pirandello (1963)
  • Greek Tragedy and Comedy (1967)
  • The English Agent: A Tale Of The Peninsular War (1969)
  • Beleaguered Cities

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