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Cyril Bibby (b. Harold Cyril Bibby in Liverpool, 1 May 1914, d. Edinburgh 20 June 1987) was a biologist and educator. He was also one of the first sexologists.

Early life and education

Bibby was the third of eight children. He was educated at Sudley Road School, Liverpool, Liverpool Collegiate Institution and Queens' College, Cambridge (B.A. 1935, M.A. 1939). He was active in the C.U. Socialist Society and the Union Society.


  • pre-war: taught science and biology at Oulton School, Liverpool and Chesterfield Grammar School, Derbyshire.
  • 1941-c.1944: Education Officer at the British Social Hygiene Council [1]
  • c.1944-1946: Education Officer at the Central Council for Health Education [2]
  • 1946-1959: Lecturer and then Senior Lecturer at the College of St Mark & St John (Marjon)
  • 1959-1977: Principal of Kingston upon Hull College of Education from 1959, becoming Pro-Director when it merged into Hull College of Higher Education (now Hull College).

In 1958-59 he was the prospective Labour Party candidiate opposing Reginald Maudling

Bibby gained an M.Sc. at the University of Liverpool in 1940 for research on Europe in Quaternary times, and a Ph.D at London University in 1955 for a thesis on T.H. Huxley. He wrote books and articles on Huxley, and on human biology, especially in the fields of health and sex education. In 1936 he married Frances (Florence Mabel) Hirst (Girton 1932-1935, b.1914, d.1993); they had two sons and two daughters.

The Bibby papers are housed at Cambridge University Library [3]

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