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Leonard Francis Wibberley (April 9, 1915-November 22, 1983) was a prolific Irish author who wrote under several pseudonyms. He is best known for his comic novels about the imaginary country Grand Fenwick, particularly The Mouse That Roared.

Wibberley is also remembered for writing more than 50 children's books, many under the pen name Christopher Webb. These include the seven-volume Treegate series of historical fiction, which takes place during the American Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. As Patrick O'Connor, he wrote the Black Tiger series on auto racing for young adults.

Three of Wibberley's novels were made into movies: The Mouse That Roared (1959), The Mouse on the Moon (1963), and The Hands of Cormac Joyce (1972).

Wibberley was born in Dublin, Ireland. During his life he also worked as a reporter, including a brief stint at the Turlock Journal. He died in Santa Monica, California.


Selected works

"Mouse" series (as Leonard Wibberley)

  • The Mouse That Roared (1955)
  • Beware of the Mouse (1958)
  • The Mouse on the Moon (1962)
  • The Mouse on Wall Street (1969)
  • The Mouse that Saved the West (1981)

"Black Tiger" series (as Patrick O'Connor)

  • Black Tiger, The (1956)
  • Mexican Road Race (1957)
  • Black Tiger at Le Mans (1958)
  • Black Tiger at Bonneville (1960)
  • Black Tiger at Indianapolis (1962)
  • A Car Called Camellia (1970).

"Father Joseph Bredder" mystery series (as Leonard Holton)

  • The Saint Maker (1959)
  • A Pact with Satan (1960)
  • Secret of the Doubting Saint (1961)
  • Deliver Us from Wolves (1963)
  • Flowers by Request (1964)
  • Out of the Depths (1966)
  • A Touch of Jonah (1968)
  • A Problem in Angels (1970)
  • The Mirror of Hell (1972)
  • The Devil to Play (1974)
  • A Corner of Paradise (1977)

"Treegate" series (as Leonard Wibberley)

  • John Treegate's Musket (1959)
  • Peter Treegate's War (1960)
  • Sea Captain from Salem (1961)
  • Treegate's Raiders (1962)
  • Leopard's Prey (1971)
  • Red Pawns (1973)
  • The Last Battle (1976)

[edit Other novels

  • Mrs Searwood's Secret Weapon (1954)
  • McGillicuddy McGotham (1956)
  • Take Me to Your President (1957)
  • The Quest of Excalibur (1960)
  • The Hands of Cormac Joyce (1960)
  • Stranger At Killknock (1961)
  • A Feast of Freedom (1964)
  • Island of the Angels (1965)
  • The Centurion (1966)
  • The Road from Toomi (1967)
  • Adventures of an Elephant Boy (1968)
  • Meeting with a Great Beast (1971)
  • Flint's Island (1972 sequel to "Treasure Island")
  • The Testament of Theophilus (1973)
  • The Last Stand of Father Felix (1974)
  • 1776 and All That (1975)
  • One in Four (1976)
  • Homeward to Ithaka (1978)

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