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Antonio Salandra

Antonio Salandra

Prime Minister of Italy
In office
March 21, 1914 – June 18, 1916
Preceded by Giovanni Giolitti
Succeeded by Paolo Boselli

Born August 13, 1853
Foggia province, Italy
Died December 9, 1931
Rome, Italy
Political party Liberal-Conservative

Antonio Salandra (1853-08-13 – 1931-12-09) was a conservative Italian politician who served as Prime Minister of Italy between 1914 and 1916.


Born in Troia (province of Foggia, Puglia), Salandra was brought in upon the fall of the government of Giovanni Giolitti, as the choice of Giolitti himself, who still commanded a majority of the Italian parliament. However, he soon fell out with Giolitti over the question of Italian participation in World War I. While Giolitti supported neutrality, Salandra and his foreign minister, Sidney Sonnino, supported intervention on the side of the Allies, and secured Italy's entrance into the war despite the opposition of the majority in parliament. Salandra had expected that Italy's entrance on the allied side would bring the war to a quick solution, but in fact it changed little, and Italy's first year in the war was marked by little success. Following the success of an Austrian offensive from the Trentino in the spring of 1916, Salandra was forced to resign.

After World War I, Salandra moved further to the right, and supported Mussolini's accession to power in 1922.

He died in Rome in 1931.

Preceded by
Giovanni Giolitti
Prime Minister of Italy
Succeeded by
Paolo Boselli
Preceded by
Giovanni Giolitti
Italian Minister of the Interior
Succeeded by
Vittorio Emanuele Orlando
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