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Never meddle in the affairs of a wizard, unless you are soggy and hard to light!



I am both an author and a graphic artist, though my three cats would tell you a different story. They're of the opinion that my only reason for existence is to feed them, pet them and let them in or out of the house! They're good kitties though, and make wonderful companions.

I started writing in my Junior year of high school. At the time, I'd read everything the school library had that interested me, so it just seemed natural to write what I wanted to read, since no one else was. A small group of us would get together and talk stories, developing characters, plot lines and just in general having fun. My universe, and ultimately the books I have in print, developed out of that.

Being a writer is a lot like living on a wild roller coaster. Sometimes all you can do is hang on for the ride while the story pours out of your fingers, and sometimes you have to fight tooth and nail for every letter! It's a lot of fun, and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. It would be nice though if inspiration didn't insist on hitting me after the lights were out and I was half-asleep so often!

Along with fiction, I also write poetry. I don't write free verse often, it's just not something that matches with my inner self. I stick more with specific rhyme and meter. While some people might consider that restrictive, I am very pattern oriented. The words generate in stanza's, and I usually don't have much control over that.

As an example, here's a poem I wrote just a couple nights ago. It's called The Poet's Lament:

The lights are off,
The house is still,
I'm headed off to bed.

The blanket's soft,
The pillow's deep,
Soon dreams will fill my head.

But first there comes
A tip-toeing
A teasing little rhyme.

A single word
Resolves itself
With meter and with time.

Oh Pox! I snarl,
Oh go away!
Why is it every night,

That just as soon
As I settle down
I get the urge to write?

I get back up,
Turn on the lights
And sit down at my desk.

The words which filled
My thoughts and mind,
Now laugh at me in jest.

My mind's gone blank!
I've lost it all!
I stare off into space.

There's nothing there,
The ink has gone,
Just silence in it's place.

I'm too awake
For sleep or dreams.
I'm too asleep to think.

This curse which lurks
With in the dark
Has driven me to drink!

If anyone would like to read more of my poems or short stories, there are some in my profile on writer's cafe at this link:

Currently, I am working on a sci-fi fantasy series called The Sojourn Chronicles. There are six books in the series, with the first three in print. Those are :
Book 1 - Wizard's Bane
Book 2 - Villenspell: City of Wizards
Book 3 - Wizards and Wanderers

Book 4 through 6 are written, but I have all the art and covers to do yet, so it'll be a while before they are in print.

The story follows an unlikely group of misfits as they journey to unknown lands in a desperate attempt to save the world. Unfortunately, the world doesn't seem to what that salvation and mishaps befall them at just about every step.

All of my books are available on or other online stores, however you can also order them from the publisher. For more information on them, as well as reviews and illustrations, see my web site at:

When I'm not writing, I'm creating art in other ways, mostly digital, though I do have a camera which comes out of it's case once in a while. I'd probably take more photos, but I'm sadly lacking a dark room at the moment, and as nice as digital photos are, they just aren't the same as film. I do a lot of computer graphics, including the covers of my own books, the covers of other people's books, posters, illustrations, email signatures and various other pieces. A lot of my art is created for private individuals, and I don't have it on display any where, but I do have a nice gallery online. If you'd like to take a look, you can visit me at:

What little time is left between writing and creating art I use fixing computers for people or pursuing chocolate ;) Seriously, you can't give a free-range chocolate bar a chance to escape!


Buy . Crystalwizard's Books Here >>> Wizards and Wanderers $23Villenspell: City of Wizards $25Wizard's Bane $20


Wizards and Wanderers by . Crystalwizard
Book three of the Sojurn Chronicles continues the adventure of a small band of heroes as they journey to distant lands in a desperate race to save the world from almost certain doom. The series has been lauded as one of the most captivating epic adventures of all time....

   Amazon  Barnes & Noble  Authorhouse 

Villenspell: City of Wizards by . Crystalwizard
Continuing their quest to save this world, the company arrives at The City of Wizards. While there, they encounter Magister Rommalt, a fifty-thousand year old wizard, deal with relics of an ancient war that threatens eminent and total destruction of the city, and are constantly under the effects of various magical spells which control their behavior and influence their actions.

   Amazon  Barnes & Noble  Authorhouse 

Wizard's Bane by . Crystalwizard
How does it feel to materialize onto a dump of garbage and not know where you are? Ask Dale and discover that this world is not as it seems and that he has a path self discovery and personal development of epic proportions. Rarely have I read a story that brings the elements of adventure, fantasy and science fiction into a fast-paced adventure and a very enjoyable story. After reading the first fo...

   Amazon  Barnes & Noble  Authorhouse 

Short Stories

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 by . Crystalwizard
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Poet's Lament by . Crystalwizard
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Love's Prism by . Crystalwizard
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My public profile on Witer's Cafe
This is the main link to my public portfolio on Filled with my poetry, short stories and other works.

The Sojourn Chronicles
The home page for my series, The Sojourn Chronicles. All the illustrations for the books are here as well as reviews and other items.

My Zazzle store
This is where most of my artwork can be aquired, in various forms, such as postage stamps, cards, on tee-shirts and so on.

My public art gallery This is where you can view all sorts of art that I create, from fractals to fantasy to photos and beyond.

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