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S. P. Gupta

S.P. Gupta (* 1931) is a well-known Indian archaeologist and art historian. He has done extensive studies on the Indus Valley Civilization and in South Asia. He was also the editor of several volumes of the Puratattva, the Bulletin of the Indian Archaeological Society, He is the Chairman of the Indian Archaeological Society in New Delhi. He was awarded the Mortimer Wheeler Prize.


  • Elements of Indian Art : Including Temple Architecture, Iconography and Iconometry/S.P. Gupta and Shashi Prabha Asthana. New Delhi, D.K. Printworld, 2002, xiv, 146 p., maps, ills., ISBN 81-246-0213-1 and ISBN 81-246-0214-X
  • 1984. Frontiers of the Indus Civilization (B.B. Lal and S.P. Gupta, Eds.). New Delhi: Indian Archaeological Society.
  • Gupta, S.P. (ed.). 1995. The lost Sarasvati and the Indus Civilization. Kusumanjali Prakashan, Jodhpur.
  • Disposal of the Dead and Physical Types in Ancient India (1971)
  • Tourism, Museums and Monuments (1975)
  • Archaeology of Soviet Central Asia and the Indian Borderlands (2 volumes) (1978)
  • The Roots of Indian Art (1980) (French edition: 1990)
  • Cultural Tourism in India (2002)
  • S.P. Gupta. The dawn of civilization, in G.C. Pande (ed.)(History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization, ed., D.P. Chattophadhyaya, vol I Part 1) (New Delhi:Centre for Studies in Civilizations, 1999)

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