N. C. T.


National Commission on Terrorism

U.S. Commission on National Security/21st Century / Hart-Rudman Commission is also known as the Hart-Rudman Task Force on Homeland Security. It was chartered to review in a comprehensive way U.S. national security requirements for the next century.



The report, published in September 1999, "warned that, in the course of the next quarter century, terrorist acts involving weapons of mass destruction were likely to increase. "Americans will likely die on American soil, possibly in large numbers," it said. [1]

Co-chair Gary Hart said in October 2003, regarding U.S. chemical plants, that private industry won't spend what it takes to make adequate security changes. "I don't think many companies are going to disturb their bottom line," he says, "unless they are ordered to by the federal government, or if the President goes on national TV and tells them to do so." Those orders have not yet arrived.

According to Hart, the Administration also refuses to do what is necessary to protect the American public from terrorist attacks on chemical plants. Instead, it is listening to what industry wants.

"We haven't even done the minimal things," says Gary Hart, the former Democratic Senator from Colorado and one-time Presidential candidate. "There has been zero leadership from either the White House or the new department" of Homeland Security, despite hundreds of billions spent on it in the four years since the publication of the original report in '99.

Exact mandate and members


The National Security Study Charter Update (USCNS/21 Charter):

"The National Security Study's Senior Advisory Board has been renamed the U.S. Commission on National Security/21st Century (USCNS/21). Originally chartered by the Secretary of Defense and supported by both the White House and the Congress, the Board has been renamed to better reflect both the scope and significance of its tasking.

"The USCNS/21 remains responsible for the most comprehensive review of American security since the National Security Act of 1947 was signed into law over 50 years ago. The Commission will deliver a security strategy and implementation plan designed to meet the emerging challenges of the 21st century.

"The USCNS/21 continues to operate as a Federal advisory committee in accordance with the Federal Advisory Committee Act (Public Law 92-463). The Study Group, chartered by the Secretary of Defense in July 1998 to conduct the study effort, will continue to be known as the National Security Study Group.


  • Gary Hart
  • Warren Bruce Rudman


  • Anne Armstrong
  • Norm R. Augustine
  • John Dancy
  • John R. Galvin
  • Leslie H. Gelb
  • Newt Gingrich
  • Lee H. Hamilton
  • Lionel H. Olmer
  • Donald B. Rice
  • James R. Schlesinger
  • Harry D. Train II
  • Andrew Jackson Young, Jr.

Executive Director

  • Charles G. Boyd

Deputy Executive Director

  • Arnold Punaro

Chief of Staff

  • Hank Scharpenberg

Study Group Coordinator and Study Group Member

  • Dr. Pat Pentland

Study Group Members

  • Dr. Jeffrey Bergner
  • Dr. Coit D. Blacker
  • Dr. Christopher J. Bowie
  • Dr. Ivo H. Daalder
  • Rhett Dawson
  • Amb. Charles W. Freeman, Jr.
  • Dr. Adam Garfinkle
  • Richard Haas
  • Keith Hahn
  • Dr. Charles B. Johnson
  • Robert Killebrew
  • Dr. Richard H. Kohn
  • Dr. William Lewis
  • James R. Locher III
  • Dr. Charles Moskos
  • Dr. Williamson Murray
  • Dr. Barry Ross Posen
  • Dr. Barbara Samuels
  • Dr. James S. Thomason
  • Ruth Wedgwood

See also

  • Homeland Security


  • Andrew F. Krepinevich, Michael G. Vickers and Steven M. Kosiak, Hart-Rudman Commission Report-A Critique, April 19, 2000.
  • October 11, 2003 follow up report by Anne-Marie Cusac in The Progressive

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