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Bess Streeter Aldrich (1881-1954) was an American author.

Bess Streeter was born in Cedar Falls, Iowa. After graduating from Iowa State Normal School, she taught school at several locations in the west, later returning to Cedar Falls to earn an advanced degree in education.

A writer since early childhood, she won a writing contest at fourteen and another at seventeen.

In 1906, she married Charles Aldrich. They moved to Elmwood, Nebraska, where Charles owned a bank. They had four children.

She began writing more regularly in 1911 when the Ladies' Home Journal advertised a fiction contest, which she entered and won. She went on to become one of the highest-paid women writers of the period. Her stories often concerned Midwestern pioneer history and were very popular with teenage girls and young women.

Her first novel, Mother Mason, was published in 1924. When Charles died suddenly of a cerebral hemorrhage in 1925, Aldrich took up writing as a means of supporting her family. She was the author of about 200 short stories and thirteen novels, including Miss Bishop, which was made into a motion picture Cheers for Miss Bishop, that premiered in Lincoln in 1941.

Aldrich received an honorary degree in literature from the University of Nebraska in 1934 and was named into the Nebraska Hall of Fame in 1973. She died in Lincoln on August 3, 1954.


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