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Honoré Beaugrand (24 March 1848 – 7 October 1906) was a Quebec journalist, born in Berthier county, Quebec.

As a young graduate from military school he joined the French military forces under General Bazaine in Mexico supporting the ill-fated Emperor Maximilian of Mexico and returned with those troops to France after the fall of Chapultepec and Maximilian's execution. After some months he moved to New Orleans in 1868 and became a journalist. Subsequently he wrote for U.S. newspapers in St. Louis, Boston, Chicago, and Lowell and Fall River, Massachusetts.

In 1878, he returned to Canada and founded the newspaper La Patrie in Montreal to take the place of Le National which had recently folded. It ceased publication in 1957, after 78 years. He made a name as a political writer and reporter, and in 1885 received the cross of the French Légion d'honneur.

He become a freemason in 1873. It took part in the foundation of Montreal Émancipation lodge in 1897.

 La chasse galerie, Illustration from Henri Julien Quebec museum
La chasse galerie, Illustration from Henri Julien Quebec museum

He was elected mayor of Montreal in 1885. A street in Montreal and a station on the green line of the Montreal metro are named in his honour. He is most famous in Quebec for writing down the legend of the Chasse-Galerie in 1891.


  • Anita
  • Jeanne la fileuse
  • Contes canadiens
  • La Chasse-galerie et autres récits

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