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H. Wickham "Stickum" Steed full name Henry Wickham Steed (October 10, 1871 - January 13, 1956) was a British journalist and historian. He was one of the first English speakers to sound the warning bells about the new German Chancellor Adolf Hitler. He was born in Long Melford, England.

Appointed by Joseph Pulitzer as Paris correspondent for the New York World, he later joined The Times as a foreign correspondent and was editor from 1919 until his resignation in 1922. The following year he became editor of Review of Reviews (1923-30), the journal that had been established by William Stead in 1890.

As a foreign correspondent, Steed lived in Vienna before the war, during which time he acquired a deep contempt for Austria-Hungary.Ante Trumbić, Tomáš Masaryk and Roman Dmowski and advised the British government to seek the liquidation of Austria-Hungary as a war aim. In particular, Steed was a very strong advocate of uniting all of the South Slavic peoples such as the Croats, the Serbs, the Slovenes, etc into a federation to be called Yugoslavia. The British Ambassador to Italy claimed in a diplomatic dispatch that Steed's fondness for the Yugoslav concept deprived from a relationship he maintained for a number of years "filially I believe rather maritally" with a Slavic woman from the BalkansNikola Pašić to gain his support for the Yugoslav concept; Steed was deeply angered when he learned that Pašić saw the new state as merely as extension of greater Serbia and had no intention of sharing power with the Croats or the Slovenes

Books by H. Wickham Steed

  • The Hapsburg Monarchy (1913)
  • A Short History of Austria-Hungary and Poland (1914)

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