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Henry De Vere Stacpoole

Henry De Vere Stacpoole (April 9, 1863 — April 12, 1951) was a Victorian period author, born in Kingstown, Ireland. A ship's doctor for more than forty years, Stacpoole was also an expert on the South Pacific islands. His many books contained detailed descriptions of the natural life and civilizations which he was so close to at home. He also wrote under the pseudonym Tyler De Saix.



  • The Intended: A Novel (1894)
  • Pierrot! A Story (novel) (1895)
  • Death, the Knight, and the Lady: A Ghost Story (novel) (1897)
  • The Doctor: A Study from Life (novel) (1899)
  • The Rapin (novel) (1899), republished as Toto: A Parisian Sketch (1910)
  • Pierrette (children's stories) (1900), republished as Poppyland (1914)
  • The Bourgeois (1901)
  • The Lady-Killer (1902)
  • Fanny Lamber: A Novel (1906)
  • The Golden Astrolabe, co-authored by W. A. Bryce (1906)
  • The Meddler: A Novel of Sorts, co-authored by W. A. Bryce (1907)
  • The Crimson Azaleas: A Novel (1908)
  • The Blue Lagoon (novel) (1908)
  • The Cottage on the Fells (novel) (1908), republished as Murder on the Fell (1937)
  • Patsy: A Story (novel) (1908)
  • The Reavers: A Tale of Wild Adventure on the Moors of Lorne, co-authored by W. A. Bryce (1908)
  • The Man Without a Head, under the pseudonym Tyler De Saix (1908)
  • The Vulture's Prey, under the pseudonym Tyler De Saix (1908)
  • Garryowen: The Romance of a Race-Horse (novel) (1909)
  • The Pools of Silence (novel) (1909)
  • The Drums of War (1910)
  • Poems and Ballads (collection) (1910)
  • The Cruise of the King Fisher: A Tale of Deep-Sea Adventure (1910)
  • The Ship of Coral: A Tropical Romance (1911)
  • The Order of Release (1912)
  • The Street of the Flute-Player: A Romance (novel) (1912)
  • Molly Beamish (1913)
  • Bird Cay (1913)
  • The Children of the Sea: A Romance (1913)
  • The Poems of Francois Villon (translations) (1914)
  • Father O'Flynn (1914)
  • The New Optimism (1914)
  • Monsieur de Rochefort: A Romance of Old Paris (1914), published in the U.S. as The Presentation (1914)
  • The Blue Horizon: Romance from the Tropics and the Sea (1915)
  • The North Sea and Other Poems (1915)
  • The Pearl Fishers (1915)
  • The Red Day (fictional diary) (1915)
  • The Reef of Stars: A Romance of the Tropics (1916), published in the U.S. as The Gold Trail" (1916)
  • Corporal Jacques of the Foreign Legion (1916)
  • Francois Villon: His Life and Times, 1431-1463 (literary biography) (1916)
  • In Blue Waters (1917)
  • Sea Plunder (1917)
  • The Starlit Garden: A Romance of the South (1917), published in the U.S. as The Ghost Girl (1918)
  • The Willow Tree: The Romance of a Japanese Garden (1918)
  • The Man Who Lost Himself (novel) (1918)
  • The Beach of Dreams: A Story of the True World (1919)
  • Under Blue Skies (1919)
  • Sappho: A New Rendering (translations) (1920)
  • A Man of the Islands (1920)
  • Uncle Simon, co-authored by Margaret Stacpoole (1920), published in the U.S. as The Man Who Found Himself (1920)
  • Satan: A Story of the Sea King's Country (1921)
  • Men, Women, and Beasts (1922)
  • Vanderdecken: The Story of a Man (1922)
  • The Garden of God (1923) (sequel to The Blue Lagoon)
  • Golden Ballast (1924)
  • Ocean Tramps (1924)
  • The House of Crimson Shadows: A Romance (1925)
  • The Gates of Morning (1925) (sequel to The Garden of God)
  • The City in the Sea (1925)
  • Stories East and West: Tales of Men and Women (1926)
  • The Mystery of Uncle Bollard (1927)
  • Goblin Market: A Romance (novel) (1927)
  • Tropic Love (1928)
  • Roxanne (1928), published in the U.S. as The Return of Spring (1928)
  • Eileen of the Trees (1929)
  • The Girl of the Golden Reef: A Romance of the Blue Lagoon (1929)
  • The Tales of Mynheer Amayat (1930)
  • The Chank Shell: A Tropical Romance of Love and Treasure (1930), published in the U.S. as The Island of Lost Women (1930)
  • Pacific Gold (1931)
  • Love on the Adriatic (1932)
  • The Lost Caravan (1932)
  • Mandarin Gardens (1933)
  • The Naked Soul: The Story of a Modern Knight (1933)
  • The Blue Lagoon Omnibus (1933)
  • The Vengeance of Mynheer Van Lok and Other Stories (1934)
  • The Longshore Girl: A Romance (novel) (1935)
  • Green Coral (a collection of stories) (1935)
  • The Sunstone (1936)
  • In a Bonchurch Garden: Poems and Translations (1937)
  • Ginger Adams (1937)
  • High-Yaller (1938)
  • Old Sailors Never Lie and Other Tales of Land and Sea by One of Them (1938)
  • Due East of Friday (1939)
  • An American at Oxford (1941)
  • Men and Mice, 1863-1942 (autobiography) (1942)
  • Oxford Goes to War: A Novel (1943)
  • More Men and Mice (autobiography) (1945)
  • Harley Street: A Novel (1946)
  • The Story of My Village (novel) (1947)
  • The Land of Little Horses. A Story (novel) (1949)
  • The Man in Armour (novel) (1949)


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