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Liberty Hyde Bailey.
Liberty Hyde Bailey.

Liberty Hyde Bailey (1858-1954) was an American horticulturist, botanist and cofounder of the American Society for Horticultural Science. Born in South Haven, Michigan, he was educated and taught at the Michigan Agricultural College (now Michigan State University) before moving to Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, where he was director of the Cornell University College of Agriculture. He edited The Cyclopedia of American Agriculture (1907-09), the Cyclopedia of American Horticulture (1900-02), and the Rural Science, Rural Textbook, Gardencraft, and Young Folks Library series of manuals. He wrote scores of books, including scientific works, efforts to explain botany to laypeople, and a collection of poetry. Cornell has memorialized Bailey by dedicating Bailey Hall in his honor.

Bailey is credited with being instrumental in starting agricultural extension services, the 4-H movement, the nature study movement, parcel post and rural electrification. He was considered the father of rural sociology and rural journalism.

[edit Some selected works

  • The Principles of Fruit-Growing (1897)
  • The Nursery Book (1897)
  • Plant-Breeding (1897)
  • Sketch of the Evolution of our Native Fruits (1898)
  • Principles of Agriculture (1898)
  • The State and the Farmer (1908)
  • The Nature Study Idea (1909)
  • The Training of Farmers (1909)
  • Manual of Gardening (1910)
  • The Outlook to Nature (1911)
  • The Country Life Movement (1911)
  • The Practical Garden Book (1913)

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