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Myrtle Reed (September 27, 1874–August 17, 1911) was an American author, the daughter of Elizabeth Armstrong Reed and the preacher Hiram von Reed. She sometmes wrote under the pseudonym of Olive Green.

She was born in Chicago, where she graduated from the West Division High School. In 1906 she was married to James Sydney McCullough. She died of a drug overdose in Chicago, Illinois.

Among her books (some of them were very popular) are:

  • Love Letters of a Musician (1899)
  • Later Love Letters of a Musician (1900)
  • The Spinster Book (1901)
  • Lavender and Old Lace (1902; new edition, 1907)
  • Pickaback Songs (1903)
  • The Book of Clever Beasts (1904)
  • The Master's Violin (1904)
  • At the Sign of the Jack o' Lantern (1905)
  • A Spinner in the Sun (1906, new edition, 1909)
  • Love Affairs of Literary Men (1907)
  • Old Rose and Silver (1909)
  • Master of the Vineyard (1910; new edition, 1911)
  • A Weaver of Dreams (1911)
  • Threads of Grey and Gold (1913)

She also published a series of cook books under the pseudonym of Olive Green.

  • What to Have for Breakfast (1905)
  • How to Cook Fish (1908)
  • How to Cook Meat and Poultry
  • One Thousand Simple Soups (1907)

The following works were published posthumously:

  • Everyday Desserts (1911)
  • Myrtle Reed Cookbook (1916)
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A Spinner In The Sun

Days That Shook The World

Lavender And Old Lace

Old Rose And Silver

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