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Marceline Desbordes-Valmore (June 20, 1786 - July 23, 1859) was a French poet.

She was born in Douai. Following the French Revolution, her family emigrated to Guadeloupe. In 1817 she married her second husband, the actor Prosper Lanchantin-Valmore.

She published Élégies et Romances, her first poetic work, in 1819. Her melancholy, elegiaical poems are admired for their grace and profound emotion.

Marceline appearred as an actress and singer in Douai, Rouen, the 'Opéra-Comique' in Paris, and 'Théâtre de la Monnaie in Brussels, where she notably played Rosine in Beaumarchais's le Barbier de Séville. She retired from the stage in 1823.

Her poetry is also known for being dark and depressing which reflects her troubled and hard-luck life.

She died in Paris.


  • Élégies et romances (1819)
  • Elégies et Poésies nouvelles (1825)
  • Poésies Inédites (1830)
  • Les Pleurs (1833)
  • Pauvres Fleurs (1839)
  • Bouquets et prières (1843)
  • Poésies posthumes (1860, posthumous)

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Le Livre Des Meres Et Des Enfants, Tome 2

Le Livres Des Meres Et Des Enfants, Tome 1

By Marceline D. Valmore
Litterature , Commentaire

Le Livres Des Meres Et Des Enfants, Tome 1
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