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Sarah Chauncey Woolsey (January 29, 1835 - April 9, 1905) was an American children's author who wrote under the pen name Susan Coolidge. She was born in Cleveland, Ohio and apent much of her childhood in New Haven Connecticut. She worked as a nurse during the American Civil War (1861-1865), after which she started to write. Woolsey never married, and resided at her family home in Newport, R.I., until her death. She edited The Autobiography and Correspondence of Mrs. Delaney (1879) and The Diary and Letters of Frances Burney (1880). She is best known for her classic children's novel What Katy Did. The fictional Carr family was modeled after the author's own, with Katy Carr inspired by Susan (Sarah) herself, and the brothers and sisters modeled on Coolidge's Woolsey siblings. (1872).




Katy Series

  • 1872: What Katy Did or What Katy did at Home [1]
  • 1873: What Katy Did at School [2]
  • 1886: What Katy Did Next [3]
  • 1888: Clover [4]
  • 1890: In the High Valley

single Books

  • 1871: New-Year's Bargain, The [Tales.], edited by Louisa May Alcott
  • 1874: Mischief's Thanksgiving, and other stories
  • 1874: Little Miss Mischief, and other stories
  • 1875: Nine Little Goslings
  • 1875: Curly Locks
  • 1876: For Summer Afternoons [Tales.]
  • 1879: Eyebright A story
  • 1880: Verses [5], [6]
  • 1880: A Guernsey lily or, How the feud was healed. A story for girls and boys.
  • 1881: Cross Patch, and other stories Adapted from the myths of Mother Goose
  • 1884: Toinette and the Elves
  • 1885: A Little Country Girl
  • 1887: Ballads of Romance and History
  • 1887: A Short History of the City of Philadelphia from its foundation to the present time [7]
  • 1888: Cross Patch, and other stories Adapted from the myths of Mother Goose
  • 1889: A Few More Verses (verse)
  • 1889: Just Sixteen
  • 1892: Rhymes and Ballads for Girls and Boys
  • 1893: The Barberry Bush (short stories)
  • 1894: Not Quite Eighteen
  • 1895: An Old Convent School In Paris
  • 1900: Little Tommy Tucker
  • 1900: Two Girls
  • 1901: Little Bo-Beep
  • 1902: Uncle and Aunt
  • 1904: The Rule of Three
  • 1906: Last Verses [With a biographical sketch of the author signed: E. D. W. G.]
  • 1906: A Sheaf of Stories
  • 1911: The Day's Message Chosen and arranged by Susan Coolidge
  •  ????: Twilight Stories (as Contributor) [8], [9]

Short Stories and Poems

  • How St. Valentine Remembered Milly, (ss) St. Nicholas Magazine Feb 1874
  • Blue and Pink (A Valentine Story), (ss) St. Nicholas Magazine Feb 1875
  • Queen Blossom (A May-Day Story), (ss) St. Nicholas Magazine May 1875
  • The Horse and the Wolf, (ss) St. Nicholas Magazine Jul 1875
  • The Fortunes of a Saucer Pie, (vi) St. Nicholas Magazine Nov 1875
  • Toinette and the Elves (A Christmas Story), (ss) St. Nicholas Magazine Jan 1876
  • The Little Maid of Domremy, (bg) St. Nicholas Magazine Jun 1876
  • Ready for Europe, (nf) St. Nicholas Magazine May 1876
  • How the Storks Came and Went, (ss) St. Nicholas Magazine Jul 1876
  • At Fiesole, (ss) St. Nicholas Magazine Oct 1876
  • A Queen, and Not a Queen, (bg) St. Nicholas Magazine Nov 1876
  • The Secret Door (A Christmas Story of Two Hundred Years Ago), (ss) St. Nicholas Magazine Dec 1876
  • The Two Wishes: A Fairy Story, (ss) St. Nicholas Magazine Mar 1877
  • Illustrated Texts, (nf) St. Nicholas Magazine Apr 1877
  • The Mother in the Desert, (vi) St. Nicholas Magazine Jun 1877
  • Solimin: A Ship of the Desert, (vi) St. Nicholas Magazine Feb 1878
  • The Fox and the Turkeys; or Charley and the Old Folks, (vi) St. Nicholas Magazine Sep 1878
  • The Old Stone Basin, (pm) St. Nicholas Magazine Jan 1879
  • Mignonette, (pm) St. Nicholas Magazine Jun 1879
  • Eyebright, (sl) St. Nicholas Magazine Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct 1879
  • The Boy and the Giant, (vi) St. Nicholas Magazine May 1880
  • The Fox and the Stork, (ss) St. Nicholas Magazine Aug 1880
  • In the Tower- AD 1554, (pm) St. Nicholas Magazine Feb 1881
  • The Mastiff and His Master, (vi) St. Nicholas Magazine Jun 1881
  • Uncle and Aunt, (ss) St. Nicholas Magazine Nov 1885
  • The Little Christmas Tree, (pm) St. Nicholas Magazine Dec 1885
  • The Secret of It, (pm) St. Nicholas Magazine Jan 1886
  • Charlotte Bronte, (pm) St. Nicholas Magazine Dec 1888
  • In April, (pm) The All-Story Magazine Apr 1909
  • "How the Leaves Came Down", Poem in The Home Book of Verse by Burton Stevenson [10]
  • "The Better Way", Poem at head of THE INDIAN HELPER, November 3, 1899 [11]



  • Wenn morgen heute ist..., Erich Schmidt Verlag, 1956 = What Katy Did



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