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Holman Francis Day (1865-1935) was an American author, born at Vassalboro, Me., and a graduate of Colby College (class of 1887). In 1889-90 he was managing editor of the publications of the Union Publishing Company, Bangor, Me. He was also editor and proprietor of the Dexter, (Me.) Gazette, a special writer for the Lewiston, (Me.) Journal, Maine representative of the Boston Herald , and managing editor of the Lewiston Daily Sun. In 1901-04 he was military secretary to Gov. John F. Hill of Maine. His writings include:

  • Up in Maine (1901), verse
  • Pine Tree Ballads (1902)
  • Kin O'Ktaadn (1904)
  • Squire Phin (1905; 1913), a novel dramatized as The Circus Man and produced in Chicago in 1909
  • Rainy Day Railroad War (1906; 1913)
  • The Eagle Badge (1908)
  • King Spruce (1908)
  • The Ramrodders (1910)
  • The Skipper and the Skipped (1911)
  • The Red Lane: A Romance of the Border (1912)
  • The Landloper (1915)
  • Along Came Ruth (play produced in New York, 1914)
  • Blow the Man Down (1916)
  • Where Your Treasure Is (1917)
  • Kavanagh's Clare (1917)
  • The Rider of the King Log (1919)
  • When Egypt Went Broke (1920)
  • All Wool Morrison (1921)

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All Wool Morrison

The Landloper

When Egypt Went Broke

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