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Geraldine Bonner

Geraldine Bonner (1870–1930) was an American author, born on Staten Island, New York. As a child, she moved to Colorado where she lived in mining camps. After moving to San Francisco, California, she worked at a newspaper, the Argonaut, in 1887, and subsequently. She wrote the novel Hard Pan (1900) and used the term "Hard Pan" as a pseudonym.

Bonner wrote short stories which were published in Collier's Weekly, Harper's Weekly, Harper's Monthly, and Lippincott's.


  • Tomorrow's Tangle, (1902)
  • The Pioneer, (1905)
  • The Castlecourt Diamond Case, (1906)
  • The Book of Evelyn, (1913)
  • The Girl at Central, (1914)
  • The Black Eagle Mystery, (1916)
  • Treasure and Trouble Therewith, (1917)
  • Miss Maitland, Private Secretary, (1919)

Along with Elmer B. Harris, she wrote the play Sham in 1908. Along with Harry Hutcheson Boyd, she wrote the play Sauce for the Goose in 1909.

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Treasure And Trouble Therewith

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