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Evangeline Cory Booth (December 25, 1865 – July 17, 1950) was the 4th General of The Salvation Army (1934-1939).

She was born in South Hackney, London, England, the seventh of eight children born to William Booth and Catherine Mumford, who had earlier in the year founded The Christian Mission, which became The Salvation Army in 1878.

In 1887, at 21 years of age, she became the officer of the corps in Marylebone. She was appointed as Field Commissioner throughout Great Britain in 1888. She served that post until 1891, when her father appointed her to train cadets in London.

Evangeline trained cadets until 1896. She was then appointed Territorial Commander of Canada. In 1904, she began serving as Territorial Commander of the USA. During this time she took US Nationality.

In 1934, she was elected General of The Salvation Army by the High Council. She served as General until October 1939, when she retired to her home in upstate New York.

She wrote several books, including Toward a Better World and Songs of the Evangel.

General Evangeline Booth lived in Hartsdale, New York, until her death at the age of 85. She is interred in Kensico Cemetery, near White Plains, New York.

Preceded by:
Edward Higgins
General of The Salvation Army
Succeeded by:
George Carpenter

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