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Teófilo Braga


Teófilo Braga
President of the Provisional Government of the Portuguese Republic
Order: 1st and sole
Term of Office October 6, 1910 - August 24, 1911
Predecessor: King Manuel II of Portugal
(as head of state)
António Teixeira de Sousa
(as head of government)
Successor: Manuel de Arriaga
(as the 1st President of Portugal)
João Chagas
(as President of the Ministry [Prime Minister])
President of the Portuguese Republic
Order: 2nd
Term of Office May 29, 1915 - October 5, 1915
Predecessor: Manuel de Arriaga
Successor: Bernardino Machado
Date of Birth February 24, 1843
Place of Birth: Ponta Delgada, Azores
Date of Death January 28, 1924
Place of Death: Lisbon  
Wife: Maria do Carmo Xavier
Occupation: Lecturer of Literature
Political Party: Republican
(later Democratic)

Joaquim Teófilo Fernandes Braga, commonly known as Teófilo (sometimes Theophilo) Braga (pron. IPA [ti'ɔfilu 'bɾagɐ]; Ponta Delgada, Azores, February 24, 1843-Lisbon, January 28, 1924), was a Portuguese politician, writer and playwright. His debut in literature was "Folhas Verdes" (Green Leaves). He graduated in Law from the University of Coimbra and soon departed to Lisbon in 1872 where he taught literature. Of his literary career one can find book on history of literature, ethnography (mainly his search on popular stories and tradicional songs), poetry, fiction and philosophy.



Teófilo Braga became active in Portuguese politics in 1878, when he ran for deputy representing the federalist republicans. He occupied many posts in the structure of the Portuguese Republican Party. On January 1, 1910 he became an efective member of the Politics Directory of the party joining Basílio Teles, Eusébio Leão, José Cupertino Ribeiro and José Relvas.

On August 28, 1910 he was elected deputy for Lisbon and on October 5 of the same year, with the Proclamation of the Republic, he became President of the Provisional Government. His political career ended after serving briefly as President of the Republic, replacing Manuel de Arriaga between May 29 and August 4, 1915. He is buried at the Jerónimos Monastery in Belém, near Lisbon.



  • Visão dos Tempos (1864)
  • Tempestades Sonoras (1864)
  • Torrentes (1869)
  • Miragens Seculares (1884)


  • Contos Fantásticos (1865)
  • Viriato (1904)


  • As Teorias Literárias - Relance sobre o Estado Actual da Literatura Portuguesa (1865)
  • História da Poesia Moderna em Portugal (1869)
  • História da Literatura Portuguese (Introdução) (1870)
  • História do Teatro Português (1870-1871) - 4 volumes
  • Teoria da História da Literatura Portuguesa (1872)
  • Manual da História da Literatura Portuguesa (1875)
  • Bocage, sua Vida e Época (1877)
  • Parnaso Português Moderno (1877)
  • Traços gerais da Filosofia Positiva (1877)
  • História do Romantismo em Portugal (1880)
  • Sistema de Sociologia (1884)
  • Camões e o Sentimento Nacional (1891)
  • História da Universidade de Coimbra (1891-1902) - 4 volumes
  • História da Literatura Portuguesa (1909-1918) - 4 volumes

Antologies and researches

  • Antologias: Cancioneiro Popular (1867)
  • Contos Tradicionais do Povo Português (1883)

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  • Works by Teófilo Braga at Project Gutenberg
Preceded by:
King Manuel II
(as head of state)
António Teixeira de Sousa
(as head of government)
President of the Provisional Government of the Portuguese Republic
Succeeded by:
Manuel de Arriaga
(as President)
João Chagas
(as President of the Ministry [Prime Minister])
Preceded by:
Manuel de Arriaga
President of Portugal
Succeeded by:
Bernardino Machado


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