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Arlo Bates (1850-1918) was an American author, born at East Machias, Me. He graduated from Bowdoin (1876). He became the editor of the Boston Sunday Courier (1880-93) and afterward professor of English in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


  • The Pagans (1884)[1]
  • The Wheel of Fire (1885)
  • The Philistines (1888)[2]
  • The Puritans (1899)[3]
  • Love in a Cloud (1900)

Collected Poems:

  • Berries of the Brier (1886)
  • Sonnets in Shadow, (1887)
  • a Poet and his Self (1891)
  • Told in the Gate (1892)
  • The Torchbearers (1894)
  • Under the Beech Tree (1899)

Collected Criticisms:

  • Talks on Writing English (1897)
  • Talks on the Study of Literature (1898)
  • The Diary of a Saint (1902)
  • Talks on Teaching Literature (1906)
  • The Intoxicated Ghost (1908)

In 1912 he wrote an introduction to E. P. Whipple's Charles Dickens.


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The Philistines

The Puritans

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