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An English Grammar


William Malone Baskervill

William Malone Baskervill (1850-1899) was a writer and professor of the English language and literature in Vanderbilt University.


  • An outline of Anglo-Saxon grammar (from the appendix of Harrison & Baskervill's Anglo-Saxon dictionary), in 1887
  • An English Grammar with J. W. Sewell, in 1896
  • Irwin Russell, in 1896
  • Charles Egbert Craddock, in 1896
  • Joel Chandler Harris, in 1896
  • Maurice Thompson, in 1896
  • Sidney Lanier, in 1896
  • Anglo-Saxon Prose Reader Reader with J. L. Hall & J. A. Harrison, in 1898
  • The Elements of English Grammar with J. W. Sewell, in 1900
  • A School Grammar of the English language (Baskervill-Sewell English course), in 1903

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