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Richard Le Gallienne, in an illustration from his book Prose Fancies
Richard Le Gallienne, in an illustration from his book Prose Fancies

Richard Thomas Le Gallienne (1866 - 1947) was an English man of letters, very much associated with the literary world of London in the 1890s; after that he resided in the USA, without altering his period style. The American actress Eva Le Gallienne (1899-1991) was his daughter, by his second marriage.

He was born in Liverpool. He started work in an accountant's office, but abandoned this to write. My Ladies' Sonnets appeared in 1887, and in 1889 be became for a short time literary secretary to Wilson Barrett.

He joined the staff of The Star in 1891, and wrote for various papers over the signature of Logroller. He contributed to The Yellow Book, and associated with the Rhymer's Club.

His first wife, Mildred Lee, died in 1894, and in 1897 he married Julie Noiregard, subsequently taking up his residence in the United States. They divorced a few years later. In 1906 he translated, from the Danish, Peter Nansen's Loves Trilogy.

In later years he knew Llewelyn Powys and John Cowper Powys.

Asked how to say his name, he told The Literary Digest the stress was "on the last syllable: le gal-i-enn'. As a rule I hear it pronounced as if it were spelled 'gallion,' which, of course, is wrong." (Charles Earle Funk, What's the Name, Please?, Funk & Wagnalls, 1936.)

A number of his works are now available online.


  • My Ladies' Sonnets and Other Vain and Amatorious Verses (1887)
  • Volumes in Folio (1889) poems
  • George Meredith: Some Characteristics (1890)
  • English Poems (1892)
  • The Religion of a Literary Man (1893)
  • Robert Louis Stevenson: An Elegy and Other Poems (1895)
  • The Book-Bills of Narcissus (1895)
  • Quest of the Golden Girl (1896) novel
  • Prose Fancies (1896)
  • Retrospective Reviews (1896)
  • Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (1897)
  • If I Were God (1897)
  • The Romance Of Zion Chapel (1898)
  • In Praise of Bishop Valentine (1898)
  • Young Lives (1899)
  • Sleeping Beauty and Other Prose Fancies (1900)
  • The Worshipper Of The Image (1900)
  • The Love Letters of the King, or The Life Romantic (1901)
  • An Old Country House (1902)
  • Odes from the Divan of Hafiz (1903) translation
  • Old Love Stories Retold (1904)
  • Painted Shadows (1904)
  • Romances of Old France (1905)
  • Little Dinners with the Sphinx and other Prose Fancies (1907)
  • Omar Repentant (1908)
  • Wagner's Tristan and Isolde (1909) Translator
  • Attitudes and Avowals (1910) essays
  • October Vagabonds (1910)
  • New Poems (1910)
  • The Maker of Rainbows and Other Fairy-Tales and Fables (1912)
  • The Lonely Dancer and Other Poems (1913)
  • Vanishing Roads and Other Essays (1915)
  • The Silk-Hat Soldier and Other Poems in War Time (1915)
  • Pieces of Eight (1918)
  • The Junk-Man and Other Poems (1920)
  • A Jongleur Strayed (1922) poems
  • Woodstock: An Essay (1923)
  • The Romantic '90s (1925) memoirs
  • The Romance of Perfume (1928)
  • There Was a Ship (1930)
  • From a Paris Garret (1936) memoirs
  • The Diary of Samuel Pepys (editor)

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