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Mikhail Artsybashev
Mikhail Artsybashev

Mikhail Petrovich Artsybashev ( Russian: Михаил Арцыбашев October 24 Old Style 1878- March 3, 1927) was a leading exponent of Naturalism in the Russian literature. He scandalized the Victorian tastes of Russian public with his novel Sanin (1907), whose depraved and promiscuous protagonist practices seducing innocent country girls. In one especially notorious scene, a girl tries to wash embarrassing white stains off her dress after a sexual intercourse with Sanin. After the Russian Revolution Artsybashev lived in Warsaw. Soviet critics dubbed the novels of his followers saninstvo and artsybashevchina.


Mikhail was born in khutor Dubroslavovka, Akhtyr uezd, Kharkov gubernia (currently Ukraine) on October 24 Old Style 1878. He studied in Kharkov School of Drawing and Art (1897-1898). In 1898 moved to Saint Petersburg, where lived as a freelance journalist. His first major publication was story Meeting published in 1901. He considered his novel Death of Lande (1904) to be his best work, but the major success was the novel Sanin 1907.

In 1923 he received Polish citizenship (his mother was a Pole) and emigrated to Poland, where he edited newspaper For Liberty!. Artzybashev was known as an irreconcilable enemy of bolshevik regime. He died in Warsaw on March 3, 1927.

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