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Jaime Lucio Balmes

Father Jaime Lucio Balmes (1810-1848) was a Spanish Catholic priest most famous as the author of El Protestantismo comparado con el Catolicismo en sus relaciones con la Civilización Europea published in 1844 (translated by Charles Ignatius White in 1856 as Protestantism and Catholicity compared in their Effects on the Civilization of Europe ISBN 1-4179-5700-X). The book is often cited as a counter argument to historical accounts that focus on the reputed central role of the Protestant thought to the development of modern society.


La lectura es como el alimento; el provecho no está en proporción de lo que se come, sino de los que se digiere.

"Reading is like eating; the benefits are not in proportion to what is consumed, but to what is digested."

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