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W. J. Loftie

William John Loftie (1839 – 1911) was a British clergyman and writer, on the history of London, travel, art and architecture.


  • The Latin Year (1873)
  • Views in the English Lake District (1875)
  • English Lake Scenery (1875) with T. L. Rowbotham
  • Picturesque Scottish Scenery from the Original Drawings of T.L. Rowbotham (1875)
  • A Plea for Art in the House (1876)
  • Views in North Wales from Original Drawings By TL Rowbotham (1875)
  • In and Out of London: or, The Half-Holidays of a Town Clerk (1875)
  • Views in Wicklow & Killarney (1876)
  • Catalogue of the Prints and Etchings of Hans Sebald Beham (1877)
  • A Ride In Egypt From Sioot To Luxor In 1879 (1879)
  • Round About London, Historical, Archaeological, Architectural, and Picturesque Notes (1880)
  • Queen Anne's Son The Memoirs of William Henry, Duke of Gloucester, Reprinted from a Tract Published in 1789 (1881) editor
  • A History Of London (1883)
  • A History of London. Supplement to the First Edition (1884)
  • An essay on scarabs (1884)
  • Lessons in the Art of Illuminating (1885)
  • Windsor a Description of the Castle, Park, Town and Neighbourhood (1886)
  • Marchfield: a Story of Commercial Morality( SPCK c.1886)
  • Historic Towns: London (1887)
  • Kensington Picturesque & Historical (1888)
  • Authorised Guide to the Tower of London (1888)
  • Orient Line Guide. Chapters for Travellers by Sea and Land (1890)
  • Ye Oldest Diarie of Englysshe Travell: Being the hitherto unpublished narrative of the pilgrimage of Sir Richard Torkington to Jerusalem in 1517 (c.1890) editor
  • London City Its History- Streets - Traffic - Buildings - People (1891)
  • Westminster Abbey (1891)
  • The Cathedral Churches of England and Wales (1892)
  • Inigo Jones and Wren: or, The Rise and Decline of Modern Architecture in England (1893)
  • Inns of Court & Chancery (1893)
  • Whitehall Historical and Architectural (1895)
  • Reynolds and Children’s Portraiture in England
  • Sir Edwin Landseer and Animal Painting in England (1897)
  • Kensington Palace (1898)
  • London Afternoons (1901) essays, as Rambles in and near London (1903)
  • The Coronation Book of Edward VII, King of All the Britains and Emperor of India (1902)
  • The Colour of London historic, personal, & local (1907) illustrated by Yoshio Markino
  • Victoria's London (1984) volume 1 reprint of London City

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Authorized Guide To The Tower Of London

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