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Kathleen Thompson Norris (b. July 16, 1880, San Francisco, California; d. January 18, 1966, Palo Alto, California) was an American novelist, and wife of fellow writer, Charles Norris whom she wed in 1909. She was educated in a special course in the University of California and wrote many popular romance novels that were sentimental and honest in their prose. Norris was the highest-paid female writer of her time, and many of her novels are held in high regard today. Many of her novels were set in California, particularly the San Francisco area. They feature detailed descriptions of the upper-class lifestyle. After 1910 she contributed to the Atlantic, American Magazine, McClure's, Everybody's, Ladies' Home Journal, and Woman's Home Companion.

Selected bibliography

  • Mother (1911; new edition, 1913)
  • The Rich Mrs. Burgoyne (1912)
  • Poor Dear Margaret Kirby (1913)
  • The Treasure (1914)
  • Saturday's Child (1914)
  • The Heart of Rachel (1916)
  • Martie the Unconquered (1917)
  • Josselyn's Wife (1918)
  • Harriet and the Piper (1920)
  • The Beloved Woman (1921)
  • Little Ships (1925)
  • Second Hand Wife (1932)
  • Beauty's Daughter (1935), adapted for the 1935 motion picture Navy Wife
  • The Venables (1941)
  • The Maiden Voyage (1942)

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