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Damaris Cudworth Masham (18 January 1659–20 April 1708) was an English philosopher. She was the daughter of philosopher Ralph Cudworth and a friend of English philosopher John Locke. She published two works on issues of theology, epistemology, and moral philosophy, and corresponded with Leibniz and Locke on metaphysical issues. In her published books, Masham argued for improved education for women and objected to double standards of "virtue" for women and men. Masham's work can also be seen as foreshadowing what might now be considered feminist ethics and epistemology: interests in connection as opposed to separation, rejection of asceticism, and rejection of the worship of pure power


  • Masham, Damaris Cudworth, A Discourse Concerning the Love of God, Printed in London for A. and J. Churchil at the Black-Swan in Paternoster-Row, 1696.
  • Masham, Damaris Cudworth, Occasional Thoughts in reference to a Virtuous or Christian Life, Printed in London for A. and J. Churchil at the Black-Swan in Paternoster-Row, 1705.
  • Beer, E. S., The Correspondence of John Locke, vol II (of VII) (Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1976).


  • Frankel, Lois, "Damaris Cudworth Masham," Mary Ellen Waithe, ed., A History of Women Philosophers, Vol. 3, Kluwer, 1991, pp. 73-85. (Reprinted from Hypatia, 1989). Also reprinted in Linda Lopez McAlister, ed., Hypatia's Daughters: 1500 Years of Women Philosophers, Indiana University Press.

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Occasional Thoughts In Reference To Christian Life

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