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Arthur Middleton (June 26, 1742–January 1, 1787), of Charleston, South Carolina, was a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

His parents were Henry Middleton and Mary Baker Williams.[1] He was educated in Britain, at Westminster School, Hackney, and Trinity Hall, Cambridge. He studied law at the Middle Temple and traveled extensively in Europe where his taste in literature, music and art was developed and refined. In 1764 Arthur and his bride Mary Izard settled at Middleton Place. (His wife was a cousin of South Carolina Congressman Ralph Izard; likewise a son of Congressman Izard was married to a niece of Arthur Middleton). Keenly interested in Carolina politics, Arthur Middleton was a more radical thinker than his father Henry Middleton. He was a leader of the American Party in Carolina and one of the boldest members of the Council of Safety and its Secret Committee. In 1776, Arthur was elected to succeed his father in the Continental Congress and subsequently was a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Despite the time he spent in England, his attitude toward Loyalists was said to be ruthless.

During the American Revolutionary War, Arthur served in the defense of Charleston. After the city's fall to the British in 1780, he was sent as a prisoner of war to St. Augustine, Florida (along with Edward Rutledge), until exchanged in July the following year.

Arthur died on January 1, 1787 at the age of 44. He was buried in the family tomb in the Gardens at Middleton Place. The plantation then passed to Henry, his eldest son, who went on to a career in politics. He was elected Governor of South Carolina (1810-1812), U.S. Representative (1815-1819), and held the post of Minister to Russia (1820-1830).

The United States Navy ship, USS Arthur Middleton (AP-55/APA-25), was named for him.

He was related to three Confederate Generals:

  • A son-in-law Daniel Elliot Huger Jr was a uncle of Confederate General Benjamin Huger;
  • A granddaughter of Daniel Elliott Huger Jr {1779-1854} named Mary Procter Huger {1833-1893) was the wife of South Carolina Confederate General Arthur Middleton Manigault (1824-1886)-a grandson of Arthur Middleton's sister Hester Middleton and South Carolina Lt. Gov. Charles Drayton. Note Charles Drayton was a brother of S.C. Congressman William Henry Drayton.
  • A cousin twice removed Alica Middleton was married to Confederate General Roswell Sabine Ripley. {Note Alica Middleton's grandmother Anne Manigault was a wife of Thomas Middleton-a brother of Arthur Middleton. Anne Manigault was a sister of Joseph Manigault the father of Confederate General Arthur Middleton Manigault.}

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