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John Jay Chapman (1862-1933) was an American author, born in New York City. He was educated at Harvard, was admitted to the bar in 1888, and practiced law until 1898. Meanwhile he had attracted attention as an essayist of unusual merit. His work is marked by originality and felicity of expression, and in the opinion of many critics has placed him in the front rank of the American essayists of his day. He was the author of:

  • Emerson and Other Essays (1898)
  • Causes and Consequences (1898)
  • Practical Agitation (1900)
  • Four Plays for Children (1908)
  • The Maid's Forgiveness (1908)
  • A Message from Bologna (1909)
  • Benedict Arnold: A Play for a Greek Theatre (1911)
  • Learning and Other Essays (1911)
  • William Lloyd Garrison (1913)
  • Homeric Scenes (verse, 1914)
  • Memories and Milestones (1915)
  • Deutschland über Alles (1915)
  • Notes on Religion (1915)
  • Greek Genius and Other Essays (1915)
  • The Letters of Victor Chapman, with Memoirs (1917)
  • Songs and Poems (1919)
  • William Lloyd Garrison (second edition, revised and enlarged, 1921)
  • Glance toward Shakespeare (1922)

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Emerson And Other Essays

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