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George Francis Robert Henderson (1854-1903) was a British soldier and military author. He is most famous for his work regarding the American Civil War and Thomas J. Jackson, famously known as Stonewall Jackson, a Confederate general who fought in the war.

Henderson was born in Jersey in 1854. Educated at Leeds Grammar School, of which his father, afterwards Dean of Carlisle, was headmaster, he was early attracted to the study of history, and obtained a scholarship at St John's College, Oxford. But he soon left the University for Sandhurst, where he obtained his first commission in 1878. After a few months service in India, he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant and returned to England, and in 1882 he went on active service to Egypt. During this time, he received numerous citations for bravery in combat, being promoted to captain in 1886. In 1889 appeared (anonymously) his first work, The Campaign of Fredericksburg. In the same year he became Instructor in Tactics, Military Law and Administration at Sandhurst. From this post he proceeded as Professor of Military Art and History to the Staff College (1892-1899), and there exercised a profound influence on the younger generation of officers. His study on Spicheren had been begun some years before, and in 1898 appeared, as the result of eight years work, his masterpiece, Stonewall Jackson and the American Civil War. In the Second Boer War Lieutenant Colonel Henderson served with distinction on the staff of Lord Roberts as Director of Intelligence. But overwork and malaria broke his health, and he had to return home, being eventually selected to write the official history of the war. Failing health obliged him to go to Egypt, where he died at Assuan on March 5, 1903

Various lectures and papers by Henderson were collected and published in 1905 by Captain Malcolm, D.S.O., under the title The Science of War; to this collection a memoir was contributed by Lord Roberts.

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Stonewall Jackson And The American Civil War

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