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Hjalmar Fredrik Elgérus Bergman (November 19, 1883 - January 1, 1931) was a Swedish writer and playwright.

The son of a banker, Bergman studied at Uppsala University. He married the daughter of actor and producer August Lindberg.

Most of his output takes place in a small town in mid-Sweden, which is growing into a parallel universe in a Balzacian manner. The shameful secrets of dozen of interwoven families gradually come out of the closet as the stories grow increasingly symbolic. A pessimistic outlook is always counter-balanced by a grotesque humour - indeed in a book like Markurells i Wadköping the latter almost succeeds in completely shading the former.

After an unsuccessful bout as a manus writer in Hollywood Bergman's alcoholism took over, from which he died prematurely.


  • Maria, Jesu moder (1905)
  • Amourer (1910)
  • Hans Nåds testamente (1910, His Grace's Will)
  • Marionettspel (1917)
  • Markurells i Wadköping (1919, God's Orchid)
  • Farmor och vår Herre (1921, Thy Rod and Thy Staff)
  • Chefen Fru Ingeborg (1924)
  • Clownen Jac (1930, The Clown Jac)

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  • Works by Hjalmar Bergman at Project Gutenberg

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