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C J Cutcliffe Hyne

Charles John Cutcliffe Wright Hyne (1866–1944), also known by the pen name Weatherby Chesney, was a novelist.



Captain Kettle series

  • Honour of Thieves (1895), also known as "The Little Red Captain"
  • Adventures of Captain Kettle (1898)
  • A Master of Fortune (1901)
  • The Marriage of Captain Kettle (1912)
  • Captain Kettle on the Warpath (1916)
  • The Rev. Captain Kettle (1925)
  • Captain Kettle K.C.B. (The Last Adventures) (1928)
  • Mr Kettle, Third Mate (1931)
  • Ivory Valley (1938)


  • Beneath Your Very Boots (1889)
  • The New Eden (1892)
  • The Recipe for Diamonds (1893)
  • Banana Farming in the Canary Islands (1898)
  • The Dilemma of Commander Brett (1899) (writing as Weatherby Chesney)
  • The Lost Continent (1900)
  • The Filibusters (1900)
  • Prince Rupert the Buccaneer (1901)
  • Thompson's Progress (1902)
  • The Mystery of a Bungalow (1904) (writing as Weatherby Chesney)
  • Stimson's Reef (1906)
  • McTodd (1907)
  • Sandy Carmichael (1907)
  • Empire of the World (1910), also known as "Emperor of the World"
  • The Escape Agents (1925)
  • Abbs, His Story Through Many Ages (1929)
  • Wishing Smith (1939)
  • Steamboatmen (1943)


  • The Stronger Hand (1896)
  • The Adventures of a Solicitor (1898) (writing as Weatherby Chesney)
  • The Adventures of an Engineer (1898) (writing as Weatherby Chesney)
  • More adventures of Captain Kettle K. C. B. (1903)
  • Atoms of Empire (1904) (writing as Weatherby Chesney)
  • Red Herrings (1918)
  • West Highland Spirits (1932)
  • Man's Understanding (1933)


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A Master Of Fortune

By Cutcliffe Hyne
Action , Adventure

A Master Of Fortune
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