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Edward Perkins Channing (born: 15 June 1856, Massachusetts, U.S. - died: 7 January 1931) was an American historian educated at Harvard University, where he was a professor from 1883 to 1929.

His best known work, A History of the United States, is regarded as one of the most complete and accurate accounts of American history and received the 1926 Pulitzer Prize for History.

He was the son of William Ellery Channing.

  • vol 1 1000-1660 is online at [1]
  • vol 2 1660- 1760 is online at [2]
  • vol 3, 1760-1787, is online at [3]
  • vol 4 1787-1815 is online at [4]
  • vol 5 1815-1860.
  • vol 6 The War for Southern Independence

His other works include:

  • The War for Southern Independence (1925), Pulitzer Prize for History winner in 1926;
  • The Navigation Laws (1890); and
  • The United States of America, 1765-1865 (1896).
  • The sections on England and the U.S. in the predecessor to An Encyclopedia of World History.

His multi-volume History was condensed into A Short History of the United States and is available online.

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A Short History Of The United States

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