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By Rhoda Broughton

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Rhoda Broughton

Rhoda Broughton (November 29, 1840 – June 5, 1920) was a novelist.

Rhoda Broughton was born in Denbigh in north Wales. From an educated and well-to-do family, as a young girl she developed a taste for literature, especially poetry, and was encouraged by her father to pursue a career in writing.

Her uncle, Sheridan le Fanu, was a successful author and he assisted in having her first two novels published in 1867. She would go on to a successful career, writing more than 25 novels plus a large number of short stories.

Her final years were spent at Headington Hill, near Oxford where she died on June 5, 1920.

Partial bibliography

  • Cometh up as a flower - (1867)
  • Not wisely, but too well - (1867)
  • Red as a rose is she - (1870)
  • Good-bye, sweetheart! - (1872)
  • The Temple Bar - (1872)
  • Nancy - (1873)
  • Tales for Christmas Eve - (1873)
  • Joan - (1876)
  • Second thoughts - (1880)
  • Belinda - (1883)
  • Doctor Cupid - (1886)
  • Alas! - (1890)
  • Mrs. Bligh - (1892)
  • A beginner - (1893)
  • Scylla or Charybdis? - (1895)
  • Dear Faustina - (1897)
  • Foes in law - (1899)
  • The game and the candle - (1899)
  • Lavinia - (1902)
  • A waif's progress - (1905)
  • Mamma - (1908)
  • The devil and the deep sea - (1910)
  • Between two stools - (1912)
  • Concerning a vow - (1914)
  • A thorn in the flesh - (1917)
  • A fool in her folly - (1920)

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