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Arvid Järnefelt

Arvid Järnefelt.
Arvid Järnefelt.

Arvid Järnefelt (b. November 16 , 1861, Saint Petersburg – d. December 27, 1932, Helsinki) was a Finnish judge and writer.

Arvid's parents were general and governor August Aleksander Järnefelt ja Elisabeth Järnefelt (née Clodt von Jürgensburg). Arvid had nine sister and brothers Kasper, Erik, Ellida, Ellen, Armas, Aino, Hilja and Sigrid.

Arvid Järnefelt married to Emilia Fredrika Parviainen at Jyväskylä on September 6 , 1884. They had five children : Eero, Liisa, Anna, Maija ja Emmi.

Järnefelt became famous author in the late 20th century. He wrote books about the life of Finnish nobility.

In 1889 Arvid founded with his friends Eero Erkko and Juhani Aho Päivälehti called newspaper, wich is known as Helsingin Sanomat.

Arvid Järnefelt became intressed to Tolstoyanism by influcenced from his mother Elisabeth. Later Arvid studied law and became lawer at Vaasa. During his lawyers career he read books and texts of Leo Tolstoy and he became fan of Tolstoyanism. Arvid quit his lawyer career and started to live as Tolstoyan he became farmer at Virkkala

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