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Charles Foster Kent

Charles Foster Kent, Ph.D. (1867-1925 ) was an American Old Testament scholar, born at Palmyra, New York, and educated at Yale (A.B., 1889; Ph.D., 1891). He studied at the University of Berlin (1891-92).

He became an instructor at the University of Chicago 1893-95 and professor at Brown and at Yale after 1901. His publications include:

  • Outlines of Hebrew History (1895)
  • A History of the Hebrew People (two volumes, 1896-97; second edition, 1912)
  • A History of the Jewish People during the Babylonian, Persian, and Greek Periods (1899)
  • The Messages of Israel's Lawgivers (1902, 1911)
  • Israel's historical and Biographical Narratives (1905)
  • Origin and Permanent Value of the Old Testament (1906, 1912)
  • Israel's Laws and Traditional Precedents (1907)
  • The Heroes and Crises of Early Hebrew History (1908, 1912)
  • The Kings and Prophets of Israel and Judah (1909, 1912)
  • The Makers and Teachers of Judaism (1911)
  • Biblical Geography and History (1911)
  • Life and Teachings of Jesus According to the Earliest Records (1913)
  • The Songs, Hymns, and Prayers of the Old Testament (1914)

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Biblical Geograohy And History

History Of The Hebrew People

Social Teachings Of The Prophets And Jesus

The Bibles, Message

By Charles Foster Kent
Bible And Other Sacred Texts

The Bibles, Message
Details Report
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The Makers And Teachers Of Judaism

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