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Marie Adelaide Belloc Lowndes

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Marie Adelaide Lowndes ne Belloc (1868 - 1947), pen name Belloc Lowndes, was an English novelist, the sister of Hilaire Belloc.

She established her reputation as a teller of stories combining exciting incident with psychological interest.

Works include

  • Barbara Rebell (1905)
  • The Chink in the Armour (1912)
  • The End of Her Honeymoon (1913)
  • The Lodger (1913), which was made into a movie by Alfred Hitchcock in 1927, by Maurice Elvey in 1932, John Brahm in 1944, and as Man in the Attic in 1953.
  • Good old Anna (1915)
  • Lilla: a part of her life (1917)
  • From out the vasty deep (1920)
  • What Timmy Did (1921)
  • The Terriford Mystery (1924)
  • The Story of Ivy (1928)
  • Cressida: no mystery (1928)
  • Key, a love drama in three acts (1930)
  • Letty Lynton (1931)
  • Empress Eugenie; a three-act play (1938)
  • Lizzie Borden: A Study in Conjecture (1939)
  • The Christine Diamond (1940)
  • Lived in Arcadia (1941)
  • Where Love and Friendship Dwelt (1943)
  • The Merry Wives of Westminster (1946)

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