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Ellen Glasgow
Ellen Glasgow

Ellen Anderson Gholson Glasgow (April 22, 1873 - November 21, 1945) was a Pulitzer Prize winning American novelist from Richmond, Virginia.

Beginning in 1897, Glasgow wrote 20 novels, mainly about life in Virginia. Her own education had been rudimentary, a fact Glasgow compensated for by reading widely. Today, her novels are regarded as more than just depictions of life in the Southern United States.

Ellen maintained a close lifelong friendship with James Branch Cabell [1], another notable Richmond writer.

On her passing in 1945, Ellen Glasgow was interred at Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia.

Select bibliography


  • The Descendant (1897)
  • Phases of an Inferior Planet (1898)
  • The Voice of the People (1900)
  • The Battle-Ground (1902)
  • The Deliverance (1904)
  • The Romance of a Plain Man (1909)
  • Virginia (1913)
  • The Builders (novel) (1919)
  • The Past (novel) (1920)
  • Barren Ground (1925)
  • The Romantic Comedians (1926)
  • They Stooped to Folly (1929)
  • The Sheltered Life (1932)
  • Vein of Iron (1935)
  • In This Our Life (1941) (Pulitzer Prize 1942)


  • The Woman Within (published posthumously in 1954

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Battle Ground

The Deliverance A Romance Of The Virginia Tobacco

The Deliverance A Romance Of The Virginia Tobacco

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