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Friedrich von Bernhardi

Friedrich von Bernhardi (November 22, 1849, Russian Empire—December 11, 1930) was a German militarist, perhaps best known for his bellicose book Deutschland und der Nächste Krieg (Germany and the Next War), printed in 1912. He advocated a policy of ruthless aggression and complete disregard of treaties and regarded war as a "divine business". As of 1935 he was generally supposed to be the spokesman of German feeling prior to 1914.

Partial bibliography

  • Videant Consules: Ne Quid Respublica Detrimenti Capiat (1890) (Let the consuls see to it that no harm comes to the republic) (published anonymously)
  • Deutschland und der Nächste Krieg. (1912) (Germany and the Next War)
  • Vom heutigen Kriege. (1912) (On War of Today)
  • Vom Kriege der Zukunft, nach den Erfahrungen des Weltkrieges. (1920) (On War of the Future, in light of the lessons of the World War)


  • Campion, Loren Keith. "Behind the modern Drang nach Osten: Baltic émigrés and russophobia in nineteenth-century Germany." Dissertation, Indiana University, 1965.
  • This article incorporates text from The Modern World Encyclopædia: Illustrated (1935); out of UK copyright as of 2005.

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Germany And The Next War

Germany And The Next War

Next War 1914

By Friedrich Von Bernhardi
Opinion & Commentary

Next War 1914

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