Frederic William Farrar

Frederic William Farrar books and biography

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By Frederic William Farrar

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Seekers After God

By Frederic William Farrar
Roman History

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Frederic William Farrar

William Farrar carte de visite
William Farrar carte de visite

Frederic William Farrar (1831 - 1903), often known as Dean Farrar, was a theological writer, born in Bombay, and educated at King William's College in the Isle of Man, London University and University of Cambridge, was for some years a master at Harrow, and from 1871-76 Master (headmaster) of Marlborough College.

He became successively Canon of Westminster and Rector of St. Margaret's, Archdeacon of Westminster and Dean of Canterbury. He was an eloquent preacher and a voluminous author, his writings including stories of school life, such as Eric, or, little by little and St. Winifred's, a Life of Christ, which had great popularity, a Life of St. Paul, and two historical romances.

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