Admission open at BDM International, one of the top school in Kolkata

Admission open at BDM International, one of the top school in Kolkata

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Wish to give a kick start to your childs future? BDM International is accepting application from students training is provided for cricket, football, badminton and basketball, 200 seater AC Multimedia and parents. Admission forms for Class Toddlers Class IX (Session-2017-18) is available from 01 August,2016 onwards. Get them admitted to BDM International, one of the best CBSE Schools in Kolkata, near EM Bypass. At BDM International, every student is given individual consideration. A hi-Tech and high-tech laboratory for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Bio-Technology, Geography and Mathematics compliments the magnificent set-up of the school. A world class fitness training programme, vast playgrounds where specialized Room, Yoga, Meditation and Medical Counselling completes the course and makes it one of the best school in Kolkata
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