Changing How Small Businesses Think About HR

Changing How Small Businesses Think About HR

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Growing and gaining publicity for your small business can be very tough. But if you do it properly it can also be extremely rewarding. Many things must get done for the company to stay on track such as payroll, health care, and government paperwork. For a small business without a human resources department this can be a bit tricky. Justworks was created specifically to handle businesses large and small with their management needs. They operate on compassion, openness, grit, integrity, and simplicity to make sure your business gets everything they need done right. Justworks works to offer high quality benefits at an affordable price. These include medical, dental, and vision insurance, 401(k), commuter benefits, FSAs, HSAs, disability insurance, workers compensation, life insurance, accidental death, disability insurance, and many more. Justworks also makes payroll simple and automated by managing all payroll, paying vendors and contractors, reimbursing and giving bonuses to employees, paying hourly employees, and keeping reports so you know your business is on track. While these are only a few of the opportunities Justworks offers, this guide will present extensive information on how they can provide successful human resources services to you and your business.
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