The Glorious Ascension & Observations of Heaven

The Glorious Ascension & Observations of Heaven

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Author Dawateislami
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The Sunnah-Inspiring speech of 14th May, 2015 "The Glorious Ascension & observations of Heaven has also been presented in a booklet form now under the authority of Dawat-e-Islami, a global and non-political movement for the preaching of Quran and Sunnah. In this speech , you will read about River of Kausar, Incredibly towering palaces, Tents similar to domes made of pearls, Man shrouded in Nur and much more related to Mi'raj and Heaven which will not only increase your knowledge but also motivate you to act upon beautiful Madani Pearls. You can read it on-line from our website as well as you can download it in PDF format. Give us your feedback and share this booklet with others for propagating the authentic Islamic knowledge.
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