Festivals Of ADONAI

Festivals Of ADONAI

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Author p.r. otokletos
Category Judaism
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This work details G_D's great plan for creation and humanity's restoration as revealed through the eternal Biblical Festivals/Mo'adim: Sabbath ... Passover ... Unleavened Bread ... First Fruits... Weeks/Pentecost ... Rosh Hashannah-Trumpets ... Yom Kipporim-Atonements ... and Sukkot-Tabernacles.In this work the Traditional and Messianic Hebraic perspectives relative to the eternal Biblical Festivals are surfaced, discussed and reviewed in order to reveal the glory of ADONAI through the awesome fulfillment and perfection of the Festivals by, in and through Mashiach Yeshua (Jesus Christ). This work essentially reveals Yeshua's great "aliyah" (ascent) to glory and consequently the great aliyah of Mashiach's faithful community ... a.k.a. Israel! Are we making our aliyah?
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